Google Wave for Architects


Google has released its new Wave tool in beta, and there is a lot of discussion about it at the moment, not all of it positive. Wave is a collaborative tool that is a little like email, and a little like message boards and wikis. Since it’s a beta release, it’s not working 100% smoothly yet, and it’s a new concept that is taking some time to get to grips with.

Su Butcher (@subutcher on twitter) has written a post on Red Cube Marketing’s blog covering the features in some detail, and how it can be used to best effect.

Particularly interesting, she points out how it could be used by architects and highlights an architecture wave that has been set up.

A group of people interested in Architecture have started an Architects Wave to discuss useful things architects can do with the software. In particular they are discussing how it could be used for collaboration. Set up by and



2 Responses to “Google Wave for Architects”

  1. Su Butcher Says:

    Hi, thanks for the mention.

    The Architects wave is at this link!w%252BdjyeTIWmA

    Should work… or search using the public wave search terms in the blog post.

    Would be interested to hear your audience’s examples of uses for google wave, I’m sure there will be many more!

  2. Social media: benefits for architects/designers « External Works Says:

    […] communication. Linkedin professional groups, Twitter lists, the nascent Construction Network (tCn), Google Wave, YouTube product demonstrations and other facilities have a self-organising quality that means the […]

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