Stimulating development – sustainable concrete as a goal

Masdar City

Masdar City

Masdar, the Abu Dhabi-based developer of the planned carbon and waste-neutral Masdar City, has announced a competition for sustainable concrete.

• Produce concrete with minimum of 50kg/m3 of CO2 reduction compared to that of a Masdar baseline mixture
• Develop concrete at equal or lower unit cost than that of the Masdar baseline mixture
• Design concrete with equal or better performance than that of the Masdar baseline mixture in terms of workability, constructability, heat development, curing requirements, mechanical properties, shrinkage, durability and service life
• Ability to produce 500,000 cubic meter per year

Prize fund
• First – $150,00 for a sustainable concrete production method
• Second – $50,000 for the lowest-carbon footprint concrete mix

Other resources on the environmental impact of concrete
• The concrete industry is responsible for 5% of humanity’s carbon footprint – but it’s more complicated than you may think as concrete actually absorbs CO2 over its lifetime
Geopolymer concrete technology
• Is carbon neutral concrete an option?
• ‘Carbon Footprint of Concrete Buildings seen in the Life Cycle Perspective’, Danish Technological Institute

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3 Responses to “Stimulating development – sustainable concrete as a goal”

  1. Burton Haynes Says:

    Thanks for the very informative post. I have bookmarked the website as

  2. concretecontractorlosangeles Says:

    I’m not going to try it, but I can’t wait until someone figures it out.

  3. Benedikte Ranum Says:

    Yes – I will be pleased when someone figures it out, too!

    I’m having a browse on your website – looks interesting.

    If you’re interested in development/research of ‘green’ concrete, I have a contact on Twitter who has done a lot of work in that respect. Happy to put you in touch with him if you like.


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