Sustainable off-site construction based on Welsh timber

Ty Unnos

Ty Unnos - Design Research Unit Wales

Ty Unnos is a research project funded by various bodies, including the Welsh School of Architecture and the Wales Forest Business Partnership, which has developed an modular building system that uses Welsh timber.

‘Utilising the standard timber sizes produced by local sawmills, Sitka spruce box beams could be prefabricated, off-site, to form a structural portal frame as a complete assembly or in individual components, and infill, pre-insulated panels to form both external and internal walls, floors and roofs.

These frames and panels have been designed to create a series modular rooms varying in sizes from 1.2m x 3m to 4.8m x 3m, or from entrance lobby to small bedroom to kitchen to living room. This would enable a variety of house types to be generated on different sites, in different layouts and different sizes, always with the potential to add on modules as the requirements of the house evolve over time.’

It has been widely recognised for its design, innovation and sustainability:
• UK Technology Strategy Board research and development funding award
• Cardiff University 2009 Innovation Prize
• Chartered Institute of Building’s International Design and Architecture Award
• Timber Research and Development Association’s 75th Anniversary Award
• Interbuild Award for innovation in off-site construction

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