Newcastle is Britain’s most sustainable city – discuss


Newcastle upon Tyne - by smlp on Flickr

Forum for the Future has, for the past three years, tracked progress on sustainability in Britain’s 20 largest cities.

The Sustainable Cities Index measures 13 indicators in three broad categories:
• Environmental impact – the city’s impact in terms of resource use and pollution
• Quality of life – what the city is like for people to live in
• Future-proofing – how well the city is preparing for a sustainable future

The 2009 winner was Newcastle. You can download the report here.

It is a statutory requirement for all local authorities to produce, in conjunction with partner organisations, a Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS).

You can download Newcastle’s current SCS (2008-2011) here.

One of the five big challenges Newcastle identifies for itself is creating opportunities from climate change. ‘The Newcastle Carbon Footprint programme builds on a previous campaign to make Newcastle one of the world’s first carbon-neutral cities by reducing carbon emissions.’

Peter Newman provides a readable introduction to carbon-neutral cities here.

Others cities with ambitions to become carbon neutral include Rizhao in China, Masdar in Abu Dhabi and Vancouver in Canada.

Raising the stakes, Norway is aiming to offset all of its carbon emissions by 2050.

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