Concrete Short Course: Concrete Surfaces, Textures and Finishes


The Building Centre is offering a course for the design and specification of concrete, on Monday 25 January 2010, 4.00 – 7.30 pm.

The course is aimed at architects, structural engineers, project managers and construction specialists who wish to be updated and briefed on architectural site cast concrete.

Key requirements in concrete specification

The course will cover:
Key requirements of visual concrete specification
Essentials of concrete mixing and ensuring consistent colour
Selection of form face materials
Good formwork practice
Site workmanship in handling and compacting concrete
Pigmented and textured finishes, plus guidance on achieving a fine concrete finish with minimum blemishes
Common concrete defects and how to cure them

ESI References


2 Responses to “Concrete Short Course: Concrete Surfaces, Textures and Finishes”

  1. Stampani Beton Says:

    Have you heard that some guy in Germany have invented concrete with carbon fibers instead of iron reebar. New concrete is much thinner and stronger. Ideal, don’t you think?

    • Benedikte Ranum Says:

      Concrete with carbon fibre reinforcement? That does sound interesting! Isn’t that what they use in shotcrete? Would certainly do away with any corrosion concerns.
      Do you have a link for what this German has developed? Would love to find out more about it.
      Many thanks for commenting – if there’s anything else you’d like to see featured on the ESI Building blog, just let me know!

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