Engineering a low carbon built environment

Commercial building carbon emissions

Energy associated with heating, cooling, lighting and ventilating commercial buildings typically accounts for two thirds of the carbon emissions. Diagram: Doug King

With all the recent hoo-haa on eco-bling it is easy to think you’ve read the Royal Academy of Engineering’s report having scanned a few amusing headlines.

In fact Engineering a low carbon built environment: The discipline of Building Engineering Physics is thoughtful, readable and without mention of the dreaded phrase. You can download the full report here. It doesn’t take long to read.

Key definition
‘Building engineering physics is a key scientific discipline, the understanding of which allows designers to manipulate the thermal and environmental characteristics of buildings to achieve performance criteria without necessarily relying on energy consuming building services installations.’

There are case studies of real projects – the BRE Environmental Building, Eden Court Arts Centre in Inverness and the Innovate Green Office – as well as of research projects, including an Algae House where the hydrogen and bio-mass created by the cultivation of algae is used as a renewable source.

See also one of our recent post’s on low exergy buildings.

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