Dezhou – a technology hub for solar energy


Following on from our earlier post on Trondheim’s strategy to create a ‘supercluster’ for maritime knowledge and research, here’s a look at Dezhou, in Shangdong Province, China, which has developed itself as a ‘world solar city’.

Dezhou is hosting the 2010 International Solar Cities congress in September. It is home to 100 solar enterprises with 586 solar product patents, and five solar scientific research programmes belonging to National Plan 863.

China Solar City

China Solar City

Called China Solar Valley, the Dezhou cluster covers an area of 330 hectares of research and manufacturing facilities, including the world’s largest solar water heater production plant. Around 800,000 people work in the solar panel industry.

There has also been a determined effort to ensure that solar technologies are put to spectacular use.

The Sun-Moon Mansion is a 75,000m2 solar-powered building (office space / exhibition centre / R&S centre / hotel) with over 2000 solar collectors above its roof.

The Sun-Moon Mansion

The Sun-Moon Mansion

Seasonal heat storage, solar heating and cooling, and geothermal heating are used to supply hot water, cooling in summer, and heating in winter, whilst photovoltaics generate energy and provide lighting.

Energy saving glass, sun-shading panels, external wall insulation, roof gardens, rainwater collection and water treatment systems also feature.

But there’s also the more mundane, but probably more important, schemes that address the needs of the local population. As a result of the One million solar roofs project more than 80% of the urban buildings are covered by solar water heaters.

Solar bathrooms in hundred villages is another project.

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