Imminent launch of the new Kingspan Potton show house


With just a month to go until Kingspan Potton launches its new show house, the finishing touches are now being added. This includes the installation of Sunfold Systems’ internal door sets. In this guest post, Sunfold’s Sarah Maginn explains how the company’s products will help achieve the project’s CSH level 4 target.

As a folding door specialist, Sunfold Systems started the first leg of its door and window installation at the new ultra energy efficient show house in St Neots back in November last year. Working alongside a number of high-quality suppliers such as Mitsubishi, Nu-Heat, Thinking Bricks and Allergy Plus; Sunfold Systems has supplied its own range of thermally efficient products to help Potton achieve its sustainability target.

The Potton show house, which is officially launched at the beginning of May, has been designed as a contemporary barn to exceed the requirements for level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH); an initiative that was launched to ensure that all new homes constructed in England and Wales can be described as zero-carbon by 2016. The show house, when fully functioning, will demonstrate the key ways to achieve the Code by meeting the sustainability requirements of a new home measured against nine design categories – such as energy and CO2 emissions, pollution and waste.

First to be installed from the Sunfold range were the SFCW window systems. These were fitted as part of the first fix back in in November, and consist of an aluminium and timber combination frame that holds excellent U-values. The exterior doors were fitted at the beginning of February, including a four-panel aluminium bi-folding door set using the SFK70 aluminium system as well as a mid-range SFK20:20 three-panel bi-fold set. The Antelli front door with a high-insulating core accompanied by side and top lights followed shortly after and, as I type, internal door sets are being fitted ready for project completion.

Now that the scaffolding has been removed, onlookers can truly see the beauty of the self-build project, which will be completed in the coming weeks and officially launched to the public on the 8th May 2012. The barn – which has been designed for open-plan, spacious living with natural light flooding through the windows and bi-folding doors – will, once finished, house a number of advanced sustainable characteristics to create not only a lovely example of living space but also the energy efficiency that can be achieved by such a home.

Project manager Brent Ackerman commented: “The aim was to make the property as thermally efficient and air-tight as possible in order to achieve the credits required for the Code for Sustainable Homes. The brickwork on the outside of the barn has been finished, the landscaping is now well underway, the bathrooms and kitchen are in place and decoration is almost complete. Once finished, we will really be able to see the spacious interior of this barn-style home.”

You will find further information on Sunfold Systems’ ranges on, where products and systems can be compared side-by-side. Potton self-build is active on Twitter, as is the Sunfold Group.


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