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Copenhagen Climate Conference

Can the COP 15 delegates reach a CO2 agreement?

Can the COP 15 delegates reach a CO2 agreement?

On the 7th of December, heads of state, advisors, officials, campaigners and media personnel from over 200 countries are gathering in Copenhagen for ‘COP 15’ – the UN’s historic climate change conference.

The aim of the conference is to hammer out an agreement on how to reduce global CO2 emissions.

This is the most complicated deal the world has ever tried to put together,” says Tom Burke, visiting professor at Imperial College and an adviser on climate change to the Foreign Office.

The 'tck tck tck' site asks for a global wake-up call

The ‘tck tck tck‘ website counts down the days, hours and seconds till the Copenhagen conference, providing campaign updates and climate change news from around the world.

ESI information on products that can help reduce CO2 emissions:


School sells excess energy to the grid

Solar panels ar Ashley Primary School

Solar panels at Ashley Primary School

Ashley Primary School was the recipient of a prestigious Ashden Award for sustainable energy.

The school’s energy plan has included solar photovoltaic panels, energy efficient lighting and a biomass boiler, as well as changes to behaviour both at school and at home.

There was a 51% reduction in annual electricity consumption at the school in the first year of the programme, whilst energy generated by the solar panels when the school is closed is sold onto the grid for 10p per kWh.

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