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Industrialised, Integrated and Intelligent Construction: I3CON


Industrialised, Integrated and Intelligent Construction (I3CON) is an industry-led, collaborative research project part-sponsored by the EU, involving 14 member states. The goal of the project is to develop innovations that will help deliver ultra high-performance buildings.

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I3CON, which opened in 2006 and completes in September 2010, has involved large and small organisations, academic institutions and commercial firms from across Europe. With a total project cost exceeding 17 million euro, the hope is that the project will provide competitive advantages for designers, contractors and manufacturers.

The project aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable European construction industry, by

delivering technologies for a smart building services system using distributed control systems with embedded sensors, wireless connections, ambient user interfaces and autonomous controllers.

The I3CON Handbook – a comprehensive document detailing performance measurement metrics, architectural concepts, services, processes, systems, modelling, demonstration and training – can be downloaded for free.

The project is certainly not lacking in ambition:

a new approach for industrialised production of building components with integrated services and intelligence will be created. These building components will be multifunctional, efficient, sustainable, reusable, interoperable and user friendly. The underlying new business model will shift current working practices from custom-designed and craft-made delivery to industrial production. … Ultra high-performance buildings will be delivered 50% faster and 25% cheaper, with lifecycle cost reductions >40% and savings in repair and maintenance in excess of 70%, together with enhanced comfort and security.

UK’s own BSRIA is involved in the project, and is hosting a ‘Community of interest‘ event on the 28th April at their HQ in Berkshire.

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Meanwhile, recognising the ever-increasing role of sustainability in building services engineering, CIBSE offers a Sustainability Toolkit via their online bookshop. They describe their Guide L: Sustainability as “one of the most important and far-reaching guides ever to be released by the Institution”.


Sustainable off-site construction based on Welsh timber

Ty Unnos

Ty Unnos - Design Research Unit Wales

Ty Unnos is a research project funded by various bodies, including the Welsh School of Architecture and the Wales Forest Business Partnership, which has developed an modular building system that uses Welsh timber.

‘Utilising the standard timber sizes produced by local sawmills, Sitka spruce box beams could be prefabricated, off-site, to form a structural portal frame as a complete assembly or in individual components, and infill, pre-insulated panels to form both external and internal walls, floors and roofs.

These frames and panels have been designed to create a series modular rooms varying in sizes from 1.2m x 3m to 4.8m x 3m, or from entrance lobby to small bedroom to kitchen to living room. This would enable a variety of house types to be generated on different sites, in different layouts and different sizes, always with the potential to add on modules as the requirements of the house evolve over time.’

It has been widely recognised for its design, innovation and sustainability:
• UK Technology Strategy Board research and development funding award
• Cardiff University 2009 Innovation Prize
• Chartered Institute of Building’s International Design and Architecture Award
• Timber Research and Development Association’s 75th Anniversary Award
• Interbuild Award for innovation in off-site construction

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