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Time lapse: Q-Railing staircase at The Building Centre


Time lapse videos are a great way to show how a project progresses to completion at the installation stage. Q-Railing have used this method to showcase a staircase that they installed at The Building Centre in London.

You can read all of the project details, from the design brief and technical constraints, to the creative solutions Q-Railing used to comply with building controls, through to the final implementation.

Glass balustrade Building Centre staircase


Esprit d’escalier: the wit and symbolism of the staircase


What is it that fascinates us so much about staircases? More symbolically rich than any other building element, the staircase gives rise to a multitude of associations.

The staircase is a place of fleeting conversations, chance meetings, contrived accidents, secret assignations, ghostly encounters, lost opportunities for witty responses, and a symbol of lofty ambition.

It can be a descent into the underworld (‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’) or a Jacob’s ladder leading into heaven.

Do you dream about going up or down stairs? It could mean that you are coming to a decision on a complicated issue… The bottom of the stairs represents your current reality; the top landing is the conclusion for which you strive.

Any budding guitarist, of course, will attempt to learn the inevitable ‘Stairway to Heaven’ intro. (The bane of many a music store.)

There is even a page on Pinterest entirely dedicated to ‘Wonderful stairways and staircases‘.

For photographers, staircases are a constant source of inspiration. When viewed from above or below, the stairway takes on a purely graphic, geometric quality – like an abstract pattern rather than a physical object.

Out of self-indulgence, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite images of stairs and steps – below.

In the meantime – if you need to find, compare and select staircases, balustrades and handrails, is a good place to start:

Spiral staircases – reaching dizzying heights


Spiral staircases used to show opulence and grandeur in period properties and the homes of aristocrats and royalty. Today they are found in houses throughout the world, you can even buy “do-it-yourself” kits off the internet.

Structurally speaking, spiral staircases are curved around a central support column and have only one balustrade, whereas helical staircases have a curved structure with two balustrades.

There are many examples of fantastic spiral and helical staircases around the world, some even date as far back as the 1600s. (more…)

The world’s most famous balcony?

'Casa di Giulietta' in Verona

'Casa di Giulietta' in Verona

  • Thousands of tourists flock to this 14th century house in Verona every year, to see the balcony that supposedly belonged to the Capulets of Shakespeare’s play.
  • Now, as of last summer, couples can get married on Juliet’s famous balcony, presumably hoping for a happier ending than that of the star-crossed lovers.
  • The play has given rise to the name of this particular style of balcony, variously spelt Juliet or Juliette balcony.

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