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Glasgow’s Riverside Museum & the Museum of Liverpool: money well spent?


History is now being housed in the most modern of buildings, but architectural excellence comes at a price. June saw the opening of internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid’s first major public building in the UK, the Riverside Museum: Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel. And just last week, Tuesday 19th July, The Museum of Liverpool, the largest newly built museum in the UK for over 100 years, opened its doors to the public.

I spent many an afternoon at Glasgow’s old and dilapidated transport museum with its brick industrial-style exterior and 1970s-inspired interior. The new building located on Pointhouse Quay at Glasgow Harbour retains that industrial warehouse feel, but with a much more contemporary aesthetic.

Riverside Museum (Flickr: Culture & Sport Glasgow)

Riverside Museum (Flickr: Culture & Sport Glasgow)

The tunnel-like structure opens at each end, making it “porous to its context on either side”, and connecting the city of Glasgow with the River Clyde. Historically, the site has been a ferry crossing since the middle ages, making it a fitting tribute to the transport relics housed inside. (more…)